Silver State Service Dogs
Is exempted as a nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization Under the State of Nevada

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We are:

Volunteers, no one at SSSD takes a salary. From administration to puppy raisers, we are all giving back. We give our time, our hearts, and yes our money, to give back to our community and those that defend us.

The day our veterans meet their partner is the day we all live for.

Get involved! Trauma can be a physical or mental long lasting injury that impacts daily living. Many people suffer from trauma, and our four-footed companions are here to supply unquestioning love and support to those in need. It is quite a process to raise and train these special animals. Help us to help them.


​​Trauma and Psychiatric Dogs

Taking The Next Step, One Paw At A Time


Our Mission

Want to Give back? Volunteer? Make A Difference? 
We have lots of opportunities!
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We are currently taking applications. If you are a veteran or first responder and think you could benefit from a service dog then send us an inquiry and we will start the process. 
To apply for a service dog, email

and request an application. We primarily train psychiatric and mobility service dogs.
Disclaimer: We do not discriminate for any reason in placing dogs, but there is generally a long wait due to limited resources. We also do not train hearing or guide dogs for the blind, or dogs for anyone under the age of 18.
We are a small organization of volunteers and availability is limited, so it is important to get your request in as soon as possible.

Our mission is to:

1) provide purpose-bred trauma and psychiatric dogs to those in need, with a priority for veterans. 

2) Provide opportunities to give back to our community.

3) Develop responsible and civically engaged students through our collaboration with UNLV and the UNLV Society For Service Dogs.