Silver State Service Dogs
Is exempted as a nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization Under the State of Nevada

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Coal and His Forever Home - A Match Made In Heaven

Meet Story.

She is a Silver State Service Dog. She is the love of my life and my constant shadow.
She warms my heart with her sweet gentle ways , calms me , gives me confidence and gently pushes me to do more. Try harder. Story picks stuff up when I drop things. I drop a lot of things. This year has been quite a year for me. I had a quintuple by-pass heart surgery suddenly February 13. Made it through the 13 Hour surgery. Went into kidney failure, put on dialysis. Thank God for my little R2D2 machine that kept me alive while I worked really hard to learn how to rest and jump start those beans again. I did it!! Off Dialysis after 7 months. In the meantime I battled blindness during that time as my eyes would hemorrhage during treatment. I had a challenge with the Drugs used during treatment that cause my eyes to hemorrhage. So. I know about Not Being able to See!! My Story helped me through so much you have no idea. She gives great hugs too when I needed them. I need them often.
So. the holiday time is just around the corner. I am asking you to help me raise money for Silver State Service Dogs NV. They specialize in making people’s lives better through offering support to those that need and deserve it. Mainly focusing on our Veterans and Police officers with PTSD.
I am hoping to raise money to help with the costs ,that are huge , for the organization to raise just one puppy up to be of service to someone that has served us all. Story has given me Hope for my future and has filled my heart with love and deep gratitude. She is scheduled for breeding in June so she can share her extreme talents and gifts in her offspring one more time. After that, she will be free of breeding obligations to the group and be retired to live as my pet and volunteer to spread the word. We plan on starting a
“ Storytime with Kathleen “ Life’s Lessons Learned gig in 2020. Stay tuned! Once again ...
Love Heals All~

Our Darling Story has found her Forever Person